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Womens Health and Family Services Joondalup [Formerly Womens Healthworks]

WOMEN’S Healthworks (WHW) has joined with Womens Health and Family Services, to become the Joondalup branch of the organisation. WHW opened under the auspices of Womens Health Care House in September 1989. This new chapter in Women’s Healthworks sees them once again become a part of the Womens Health & Family Services organisation; we hope that this partnership will provide women, their children and their families with even greater access to the support and services they need.

Over the coming years the services of each organisation will become more integrated, with staff and programs from Northbridge being made available at the Joondalup offices, as well as Women’s Healthworks staff and programs coming to Northbridge. 

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To find out about programs and services available at the Womens Health & Family Services Joondalup or Northbridge, please visit our main site: