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Womens Baby Wraps and Baby Carriers

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Wraps are several yards of fabric that are wrapped around the baby and the wearer and then tied. It allows almost any piece of sturdy cloth to be turned into a sling or wrap (even bed sheets can be used for this purpose). The only limit to how you can secure the baby on the carrier is the length of the fabric that is being used. These are great for hands-free carrying – in the front or in the back. They can also be used to carry toddlers.

Backpack Carriers is traditionally a square piece of cloth with straps coming out of each corner. It is secured by bringing all the straps around the person doing the carrying to be tied all together. It can act as a front or back carrier and can be used with toddlers or infants that can hold up their head well.

The best baby carrier is one that is comfortable and convenient for you and for your baby. Forget about all the hype and hearsay; before you buy a carrier you should try it out for yourself.

We suggest you try the Moby Baby carrier

This incredible twin carrier allows you to comfortably carry one or two babies from birth to 30 lbs. Choose from 6 different positions; babies can ride in front or back, facing in or out. Padded in all the right places, it’s completely adjustable to provide comfort and support as babies grow. And as an added value, carriers double as safety restraints in shopping carts and full-sized chairs.

The MaxiMom Twin and Triplet carriers can do all of the above as well as allow you to carry two or three babies at a time. The MaxiMom Twin carrier allows you to carry two babies on your chest, facing in or facing the world, or one baby on your back and one on your chest. The MaxiMom carrier will allow you to have ‘life after birth’, as returning to daily life with two babies, or three, can be quite challenging. The twin and triplet carriers will allow you to keep babies close while at home or on-the-go without assistance! When you do have an extra set of hands, our unique buckling system allows you to detach the carriers from each other, creating two or three separate carriers in one easy step. This allows Mom and Dad to each carry one baby at a time

The MaxiMom carriers have shoulder straps that can be removed to place baby in the car seat or in a high chair…No fussing babies! The soft baby section of the carrier can be put on before you go out and stay on until you arrive back home. Baby can wear this main piece like an outfit. Padded in all the right places, the MaxiMom carriers will keep parents and babies comfy all day. The MaxiMom carriers even have a toy strap to hold pacifiers and a pocket that holds bottles. The leg holes are padded and include drawstrings, so they are adjustable as baby grows.


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